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You can rely on as much support and advice as you need as your business develops online.

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28/5/2014 - Blaze Salon Website has been launched

Blaze Salon Edinburgh

Blaze Salon Edinburgh

Blaze nails, hair and beauty salon is located in Meadowbank, near the Abbeyhill area of Edinburgh. Now under new management the website replaces their previous Yola and Weebly sites with a black and red design based on the shop front.

Although this is a fairly simple static website, it includes a customised PHP mail form in the contact page, with more visual appeal than a standard HTML form layout.

28/11/2013 - Angus Munro Music Website has been launched

Angus Munro Music Website

The Angus Munro Music website is now live!

Angus Munro is a Scottish musician based in Glasgow. The colours and fonts are Angus's own ideas, which I've adapted into a web format.

He also suggested a social networking badge based on Hot Tin Roof's website layout, although I've varied the original badge design quite substantially to reflect that each of the websites is a unique entity in its own right.

28/9/2013 - Great British Sweets Website has been launched

Great British Sweets

The Great British Sweets website is now live!

Great British Sweets is a family run business in Spain which makes sweets from the UK available throughout the Costa Blanca.

All the graphics and the logo were supplied by the client and have formed the basis of the design, which is made up of five pages and includes a mailform in the contact page. The sweets and outlets pages can be updated through a custom built PHP/MySQL CMS.

8/9/2013 - Event Related Potential Website has been launched

Event Related Potential - Edinburgh

Event Related Potential is now live!

Another bespoke Wordpress theme - this time for Event Related Potential, a counselling organisation in Edinburgh. In this case our aim was for the general effect to be in keeping with the First Psychotherapy website which we launched a few months ago.

With this in mind we've adapted their logo and page layout, using the colour scheme and imagery to give it an individual identity within the wider context of the other organisations to which it is related.

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