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The Web Design Process

Before work can begin on your site we'll need to take a deposit to secure the time necessary for the initial stages to be completed. Typically this would be 20% of your final bill, although if you'll need a domain name and web hosting bought on your behalf this will also need to be paid for before your site can be launched.

Initially you'll need to send any graphics, colour schemes, logos or photos that should be included, as well as the name of your organisation and any information that will be displayed on your homepage. If you want your site to have any dynamic content or interactive features we'll also need you to send details so that we can plan how these will fit into your design and architecture.

Although not essential, it is advisable to send as much of your content as early as possible as this will have a significant impact on the timescale of your project and will help keep your costs down.

If you already have a design or if you want to use one of our templates then we can begin building your site immediately, and your bill will be lowered to reflect time saved on the design stages of your project.

final design

If you require a custom made design we'll prepare some rough drafts based on the information you've given us. These will be sent to you in the form of pictures, a process which usually takes 2 - 3 days.

If you want to make any changes to one of the initial designs a final draft can then be made, taking into account any feedback you give us.

Once the design and layout has been finalised we can begin making it into an active website and adding the rest of your pages. The timeframe will depend on how many pages and whether they will do anything apart from display information, but on average you could expect to wait 1 day per static page, or 2 - 3 days per dynamic page.

The most up to date working version of your site will be available at all times for you to see online in a password protected area and you can can get in touch at any time if you have any questions or need anything to be changed.

If you don't already have web hosting this will need to be arranged before your site can be launched, but if buying it yourself you must make sure that the package you're buying is large enough to accomodate your site and will support any technologies you intend to use. The starter package from PAC Webhosting Ltd for £40 a year is the most cost effective option we've found available, and can easily accomodate most normal requirements.

If you'd rather have hosting bought on your behalf then you can send payment along with your deposit or as your site nears completion, and we will set it up for you.

When all of your content has been added and any programming is in place your site will then be checked for appearance and accessibility in all major browsers* and validated with the W3 validator.

At this stage it can be moved to it's permanent address and your project will be completed. However, most clients find they need to make a few changes in the weeks following a site's launch, and if a site has many complex features it can take a few weeks to find and address any potential bugs.

Because of this all our sites come with four months free support after the date of your final invoice and any bug fixes will be included indefinitely as part of the original price of your project.

* Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 & 9 Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Lynx

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