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Services Available from Tangled Frog

Tangled Frog provides a wide range of services to ensure that every aspect of your website is taken care of, from the initial design stages to it's publication online and any necessary optimisation or maintenance following that.

Bespoke Web Design

All websites from Tangled Frog are hand coded using notepad++ to work in all major browsers and to be as search engine friendly as possible. Usability and accessibility are their most important features, with the aim of making your business available to a wider market.

Your website will be tailored to your requirements and the design will be unique to your organisation. While templates are available from Tangled Frog they are not used anywhere else on the internet and can only be purchased once meaning that your design will not be duplicated under any circumstances.

All websites are semantically correct, standards compliant and validated according to W3 standards.

Our websites also come with free updates for four months after the date of your final invoice, so if you need to make any small changes to text or pictures following the launch of your site there won't be any added expense.

Graphic Design

Tangled Frog can provide cutting edge graphic design elements to your site giving it a professional finish and improving the reputability of your organisation.

These skills can be applied to your website in a wide variety of ways, from graphic banners, attractive icons and eye-catching hover effects to an all-out graphically enriched design throughout your site.

All graphics will be tastefully applied and will not detract from the purpose of your website, but instead will enhance the user experience and create an intuitive architecture.

Photo Retouching / Image Manipulation

Appropriate imagery and well-balanced pictures are an important factor in creating a professional and effective online identity.

Any photos to be used on your site will be optimised for lighting and colour balance, both in their own right and in the context of your design, and can also be altered in a variety of other ways to be used for many different purposes.

Blemish removal, red eye removal, background replacement and a wide variety of other enhancement techniques can be applied to your images to achieve the design that you want.

Web Development

There are numerous ways your website can be enriched using client and server side scripting. In addition to a standards compliant XHTML and CSS design, PHP, MySQL, GD Library, AJAX and javascript can all be used to add interactive features and extra functionality.

These could be in the form of e-commerce facilities, animated transitional effects, user-updateable content, member registration and log-in, or any amount of other features. The flexibility of these languages means that almost any functionality can be achieved.

Most Tangled Frog websites with dynamic features include an easy to use admin section from which you can control the relevant parts of your site, and they all come with free technical support for an unlimited period provided the assistance you need is covered by the original project specification.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross browser compatibility is one of the most challenging aspects of web design today and is the main reason why the use of Dreamweaver and other wysiwyg editors is inadvisable.

By far the most inconvenient browser to support is Internet Explorer 6 which, although in the process of being phased out, still accounts for a high percentage of internet use and will be an important issue for a long time.

Because cross browser compatibility has always been a high priority, and Tangled Frog has been established for long enough to have spent considerable time working with internet explorer 6 and 5.5, there are a wide range of measures available to us to ensure that your site is accessible and attractive in both older and newer browsers.

Javascript Animation

There are a variety of ways that your website can be enhanced using Javascript animation. Transitional effects like fades can be implemented easily without a large impact on your bill but making your website look and feel much more sophisticated.

Mootools can also be used to implement and animate interactive features such as drop down menus and dynamic content giving your site a more professional edge.

Javascript animation is more forward-compatible than the use of flash and as SVG rendering becomes more widely supported may well take its place.

Media Integration

Video and sound files can easily be added to your site, either embedded from sites like Youtube, customised to fit your own design, or added directly to your site by using an open source video or mp3 player.

Copy Writing

Because the quality of copy is one of the defining features of any online enterprise, understandable and compelling content is essential to engage your visitors and achieve the aim of your website.

This is also an important factor for your position in search engines, your results being influenced both by the quantity of your copy and it's keyword density.

While it is advisable to supply as much of your own copy as possible, if you prefer you can send all the relevant information and for a small fee we will convert it into usable content.

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