26/10/2017 - Kalon Salon Website has been launched

We've designed and published a new website for Kalon Hair and Beauty Studio in Canonmills, Edinburgh. This design uses the fonts, colour scheme and mandala effect from their existing shop front as the basis for a mobile responsive layout built with Bootstrap.

It includes a lightbox gallery, Google map, contact form and a booking form which will become the front end of an online booking system currently under construction.

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Narrow mobile screenshot of the Kalon Hair and Beauty Studio websiteWide mobile screenshot of the Kalon Hair and Beauty Studio websiteTablet screenshot of the Kalon Hair and Beauty Studio website
Wide desktop screenshot of the Kalon Hair and Beauty Studio websiteWide desktop screenshot of the Kalon Hair and Beauty Studio website

7/9/2017 - Mobile Responsive Wordpress Theme for Colin Kerr Counselling and Psychotherapy

This is a bespoke design for Colin Kerr, a counsellor and psychotherapist working in Edinburgh. It features an original colour scheme and banner, and is implemented as a mobile responsive Wordpress theme built with Bootstrap.

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Narrow mobile screenshot of the Colin Kerr websiteWide mobile screenshot of the Colin Kerr websiteTablet screenshot of the Colin Kerr website
Wide desktop screenshot of the Colin Kerr websiteWide desktop screenshot of the Colin Kerr website

4/8/2017 - New Design for the Angus Munro Music Website

Screenshot of the Angus Munro Music website

We've relaunched the website for Edinburgh based musician Angus Munro, to correspond with his newly launched EP: Mirror Man.

The design is based on the EP cover artwork and features a bespoke links menu with hover effects, upcoming tour dates, embedded music videos and Facebook feed.

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18/3/2017 - Great British Sweets Website Relaunched for Mobiles and eCommerce

We've relaunched the Great British Sweets with a mobile responsive design built with Bootstrap and a catalogue page with online orders.

The catalogue is split into separate categories with a Javascript tabbed layout and uses AJAX for adding to the shopping cart and editing quantities. The shop, outlets page and the news bulletin in the home page are all updated from a bespoke admin area built with PHP and MySQLi.

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Narrow mobile screenshot of the Great British Sweets websiteWide mobile screenshot of the Great British Sweets websiteTablet screenshot of the Great British Sweets website
Wide desktop screenshot of the Great British Sweets websiteWide desktop screenshot of the Great British Sweets website


14/9/2016 - Mobile Version of the iPass Edinburgh Website

We have launched a new mobile responsive version of the iPass Edinburgh Driving School website. This is another Bootstrap website which adapts to any screen size.

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Narrow mobile screenshot of the iPass Edinburgh websiteWide mobile screenshot of the iPass Edinburgh websiteTablet screenshot of the iPass Edinburgh website
Wide desktop screenshot of the iPass Edinburgh websiteWide desktop screenshot of the iPass Edinburgh website

27/5/2016 - New version of Phoenix Boat Trips for Nairn

Screenshot of the Phoenix Boat Trips website

Phoenix Boat Trips have moved from Inverness Marina and are now operating from Nairn Harbour.

The new version still has all the features of the old website but with a new address and photos of the new boat.

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15/2/2016 - Mobile Version of the Eileen Docherty Website

We have launched a new mobile responsive version of the Eileen Docherty Counselling & Psychotherapy website. This is another Bootstrap website which adapts to any screen size.

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Narrow mobile screenshot of the Eileen Docherty websiteWide mobile screenshot of the Eileen Docherty websiteTablet screenshot of the Eileen Docherty website
Wide desktop screenshot of the Eileen Docherty website

16/1/2016 - Mobile Version of the Chrysallis Counselling Website

We have launched a new mobile responsive version of the Chrysallis Counselling website. The new design has been built with Bootstrap to adapt to any screen size.

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350px screenshot of the Chrysallis Counselling website450px screenshot of the Chrysallis Counselling website768px screenshot of the Chrysallis Counselling website
992px screenshot of the Chrysallis Counselling website1200px screenshot of the Chrysallis Counselling website


1/10/2015 - Enviroguard Flood Defences Website has been launched

Screenshot of the Enviroguard Flood Defences website

New holding page created for Enviroguard Concrete Protection for Flood Defences pending creation of a fully designed website.

For the time being the page has been given a minimalist theme with subtle colouring to showcase some of the client's own photographs along with a fully functional mail form further down the page.

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13/4/2015 - Website Rebuild for Phoenix Boat Trips

Screenshot of the Phoenix Boat Trips website

Phoenix Boat Trips website has been relaunched with some minor adjustments following on from its previous version.

A two hour wildlife tour leaving from Inverness Marina in an open boat, travelling to Channory Point and the Black Isle. Book online through the website.

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2/4/2015 - Website Rebuild for New Era Boat Trips

Screenshot of the New Era Boat Trips website

We've completed a new website for New Era Boat Trips in Inverness, designed to be in keeping with their previous web pages but with a different back end system.

The "New Era" is a solar powered boat which carries passengers on the Beauly Firth with a chance of sighting seals and dolphins.

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23/2/2015 - Artsy Fartsy T-Shirt Designs

Front and back T-Shirt designs commissioned by Artsy Fartsy Pottery Studio

Artsy Fartsy T-Shirt FrontArtsy Fartsy T-Shirt Back

11/1/2015 - Logo Design for Artsy Fartsy

Artsy Fartsy Pottery Studio Logo

Logo commissioned by Artsy Fartsy pottery studio in Florida. Designed in Inkscape.


9/11/2014 - ADTS Website has been launched

Screenshot of the Anxiety and Depression Treatment Services Website

Anxiety and Depression Treatment Services is an Edinburgh based organisation that provides a specialised psychological approach to treating anxiety and depression.

The website has a minimalist white, green and blue theme, and ambient graphics which we supplied ourselves.

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24/9/2014 - Oystercatchers Cottage Website has been launched

Screenshot of the Oystercatchers Cottage Website

Oystercatchers Holiday Cottage is located on Breakish shore with direct access to the sea, a couple of miles from Broadford on the Isle of Skye and only a few minutes drive from the Skye Bridge.

The website makes use of spectacular photos taken by the owner and their own hand drawn sketches to showcase the cottage and local area. It also has an integrated Booking Tracker calendar and mailform in the contact page.

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11/6/2014 - MacLeod's View Website has been launched

McLeods View Holiday Cottage, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

MacLeod's View is a two bedroom holiday cottage situated in Dunvegan with amazing views of MacLeods Table Mountain and quick access to Dunvegan Castle.

The website provides basic information about the cottage, an integrated Booking Tracker Calendar and a mailform in the contact page.

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28/5/2014 - Blaze Salon Website has been launched

Blaze Salon Edinburgh

Blaze nails, hair and beauty salon is located in Meadowbank, near the Abbeyhill area of Edinburgh. Now under new management the website replaces their previous Yola and Weebly sites with a black and red design based on the shop front.

Although this is a fairly simple static website, it includes a customised PHP mail form in the contact page, with more visual appeal than a standard HTML form layout.

16/5/2014 - Fernyhaugh Bed & Breakfast Website has been launched

Fernyhaugh is a small Bed & Breakfast with two ensuite bedrooms situated on the shore of Loch Snizort on the Isle of Skye, a few miles from Portree.

The website is a simple point of contact designed to showcase the B&B and highlight the appeal of the local area. It has been built taking SEO into particular consideration.

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28/11/2013 - Angus Munro Music Website has been launched

Angus Munro Music Website

Angus Munro is a Scottish musician based in Glasgow. The colours and fonts are Angus's own ideas, which I've adapted into a web format.

He also suggested a social networking badge based on Hot Tin Roof's website layout, although I've varied the original badge design quite substantially to reflect that each of the websites is a unique entity in its own right.

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28/9/2013 - Great British Sweets Website has been launched

Great British Sweets

Great British Sweets is a family run business in Spain which makes sweets from the UK available throughout the Costa Blanca.

All the graphics and the logo were supplied by the client and have formed the basis of the design, which is made up of five pages and includes a mailform in the contact page. The sweets and outlets pages can be updated through a custom built PHP/MySQL CMS.

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8/9/2013 - Event Related Potential Website has been launched

Event Related Potential - Edinburgh

Another bespoke Wordpress theme - this time for Event Related Potential, a counselling organisation in Edinburgh. In this case our aim was for the general effect to be in keeping with the First Psychotherapy website which we launched a few months ago.

With this in mind we've adapted their logo and page layout, using the colour scheme and imagery to give it an individual identity within the wider context of the other organisations to which it is related.

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10/7/2013 - We've re-launched the Gig Shark!

The Gig Shark

Ok so the design isn't much different, although a bit easier on the eyes I hope. The system beneath has been completely rebuilt however, to be more efficient and much easier to use.

The main difference is that now anyone can make an account and upload events, without having to make a profile. Once you've made your (free) account you can create as many profiles as you want.

If you have any suggestions, would like a Gig Shark for your own town, or if you have a feed you'd like to set up with us please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

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13/6/2013 - New design and Wordpress theme for Chrysallis Counselling

Chrysallis Counselling - Website Redesign

We've revamped the existing design, following the same theme but with a new layout and architecture based around a horizontal menu with animated drop down lists, and a few new pages as well.

In addition to the website layout we've also set up a bespoke Wordpress theme. Now the blog matches the rest of the website... see for yourself »

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8/5/2013 - We've updated our Designs Page

Tangled Frog - Website Designs

We've added a few of the more interesting designs we've created over the last couple of years, along with some minor changes to the ones that were there previously.

These designs are all available to purchase, and will be customised for your own business of course, so if one of them catches your interest please get in touch »

Visit the designs page »

11/1/2013 - New design for the Siobhan Witter website launched

Siobhan Witter Website

The new design for the siobhanwitter.com website is now live. Where there was originally only one main gallery in the home page displaying all her work, the site is now split into 18 separate galleries and the home page now displays a portfolio of picture links to navigate around them.

These pages were built according to Siobhan's own design.


14/11/2012 - Find a Place in the Sun website has been launched

Find a Place in the Sun Website

Find a Place in the Sun is a re-implementation of the Spanish Holiday Rentals website, offering advertising space for holiday properties throughout the world rather than just in Spain.

As with Spanish Holiday Rentals, it uses Paypal's subscriptions and IPN to process payments, and imports property listings from other sites using XML.

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12/11/2012 - Beehive illustration for Chrysallis Counselling

Beehive illustration for employee counselling

The third image in a new series of illustrations for the Chrysallis Counselling & Psychotherapy website.

We designed this image for the employee counselling page to illustrate productivity in the workplace. It was created using a combination of Gimp and Inkscape.

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7/11/2012 - The First Psychotherapy website has been launched

First Psychotehrapy - Edinburgh & Glasgow

First Psychotherapy is a local business based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, who were looking for an updateable brochure website.

We've set it up as a bespoke Wordpress theme so that content can be updated easily throughout the site, with an original logo and page design, a customised contact form 7 mailform and Google Maps.

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8/10/2012 - Eileen Docherty Counselling website has been launched

Eileen Docherty Counselling & Psychotherapy

Eileen Docherty Counselling & Psychotherapy is a small business based in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Initially we were going to go with a dolphin theme so the early drafts included a custom made dolphin banner which was never used in the final design and is now available to purchase... please enquire

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27/8/2012 - The SCCP website has been launched

Logo Design for the SCCP

This is an original logo and page design we created for the Scottish Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy based in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The owner wanted all pages on the website to be updateable to we've set it up as a bespoke Wordpress theme rather than a static XHTML/CSS website.

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20/7/2012 - Bluebirds illustration for Chrysallis Counselling

Bluebirds illustration for couples counselling

The second image in a new series of illustrations for the Chrysallis Counselling & Psychotherapy website

This image has been designed for the couples counselling page, and was created using a combination of Gimp and Inkscape.

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7/7/2012 - Lighthouse illustration for Chrysallis Counselling

Lighthouse illustration for counselling and psychotherapy

We've created this illustration of a lighthouse on a sunny island for the home page of the Chrysallis Counselling & Psychotherapy website.

Created with a Wacom Tablet in Gimp, and designed to conceptualise the role of a counsellor.

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6/6/2012 - The Word Angel website has been launched

Screenshot of the Word Angel website

Samantha McKay is an Edinburgh based copy writer and PR expert, with 13 year's experience in journalism and public relations. She can provide a wide range of services including freelance writing, editing, proofreading and PR consultancy.

We've created a clean, modern design for her website to reflect her professionalism and expertise, and to correspond with her logo designed by Karl Montague.

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1/5/2012 - We are now offering fully customised Wordpress themes

We can now customise your Wordpress pages in any style you want, to match your company branding and / or your existing website's design. This allows a seamless transition between your Wordpress articles and the rest of your website for a more consistent user experience.

9/3/2012 - Time 2 Timepiece has been launched

Time 2 Timepiece specialise in repairing used watches, and sell a wide range of watches and parts online. The website's main feature is a custom built shop with an updateable catalogue and online payments processed using Paypal's IPN.

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7/3/2012 - Hot Tin Roof has been launched

Hot Tin Roof are a two man blues outfit who have taken Edinburgh by storm over the last few months, and currently play at a variety of venues throughout the city.

Being a creative enterprise, we've designed their site with a strong graphic element based around their existing logo, and added a few extra features like a javascript fade effects in the menu, social networking and a choice of Flash or HTML5 mp3 players.

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2/11/2011 - All Sports Live has been launched

All Sports Live is a video streaming site for live matches with.

2/11/2011 - iPass Edinburgh has been launched

iPass Edinburgh Driving School specialise in intensive and semi-intensive crash courses for manual and automatic learner drivers.

We've made a custom tachometer illustration and logo as part of the navigation for this website, and although most of the pages are static we've included an updateable testimonials page with a PHP / MySQL admin area.

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26/10/2011 - Free Website Templates

These templates are free for personal or commercial use and can be reproduced as many times as you like. All we ask is that you leave our link intact in the foot of each page, along with any other credits relevant to each template.

For a limited time we're offering free support, so if you have difficulty implementing any of the templates please get in touch for help!

Free CSS templates »

21/10/2011 - Spanish Holiday Rentals has been launched

Spanish Holiday Rentals is a property listings website which offers a wide range of other services from travel insurance to car hire.

The site includes a search facility, XML feeds, a PHP / MySQL login area, Paypal subscriptions with instant payment notifications and online insurance calculations and quotes, as well as a number of other bespoke features.

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22/8/2011 - A Big Thank You to our anonymous donor!

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you to whoever donated our three month premium membership at Deviant Art!

You can find our nice new profile at *tangledfrog and while you're there, check out these other amazing deviants:

*inkeriart | ~amin-amin | *anjougoth | ~kekiero | *kisses-of-night | ~uberzombie

2/8/2011 - Club Physio has been launched

Club Physio has been one of our most exciting, challenging and unique projects to date, using a finely-tuned combination of Mootools animation and PHP date scripting as well as javascript, AJAX and MySQL to create a flexible and comprehensive booking system.

This project has included everything from logo design and custom illustration to Worldpay integration and automated staff scheduling, bringing together a dynamic and intuitive user experience with a powerful back-end system.

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31/7/2011 - Now sponsoring Linux Mint!

Linux Mint is a completely free, secure and stable replacement for Microsoft Windows or Apple's OSX.

Since we like to work with free and open source software here at Tangled Frog, (for philosophical and financial reasons!) we've decided to throw a pound or so their way. We think Mint could be the operating system of the future. Fast, funky and free! Take a look at the latest screenshots at linuxmint.com

We use Linux for development, design and emergency IT stuff! It's always free to download and use, and tons of great apps available at the click of a mouse...

17/5/2011 - Whisky in the City website has been launched

Whisky in the City provides great value whisky walking tours for tourists and locals in Edinburgh. We were asked to incorporate their existing logo and a blue sky with stars, and have also added bespoke Facebook / Twitter buttons customised to fit the design, and an AJAX sign-up box.

This site also includes a dynamic booking area using PHP, MySQL, AJAX and javascript to create an easy-to-use schedule which keeps track of availability. Payments are taken using a Paypal button and there's a password protected admin section where tour information can be updated.

3/5/2011 - Laurie Dixon Photography website has been launched

We made this website for an Edinburgh based photographer who'd contacted a number of web designers but wasn't able to find a reasonable quote elsewhere. We've included a custom built image gallery using javascript and Mootools, and created a unique design for her template.

20/4/2011 - Scrolling Links Page for NTE Private Hire

Bespoke scroller now live on the NTE Private Hire website.

We've used Mootools and DHTML to create this custom built scrolling links script for the resources page of the NTE Private Hire website.

16/4/2011 - Logo design for LKG Bookkeeping

LKG Bookkeeping Logo

For this project we were asked to create a logo for the LKG Bookkeeping website, with the specification that it should be related to financials, bold and dynamic. We created a design that expresses all of these concepts, and made some adaptations to the original website in order to accommodate it.

13/4/2011 - New home page for Donna Cowe Photography

Donna Cowe is an excellent photographer working in the Edinburgh area, and wanted to update her homepage to a design which would reflect how her business has developed over recent years. We've made a custom Facebook button, but all other images on the site have been taken by Donna.

31/3/2011 - LKG Bookkeeping website has been launched

LKG bookkeeping is a newly set up freelance bookkeeping service based in Glasgow. This site has a professional but personal approach and we've kept the design functional and straightforward to reflect this.

29/3/2011 - Hunters Private Hire website has been launched

Hunters Private Hire is a taxi hire service based in Edinburgh. This site has very little copy so we wanted to put as much emphasis as possible into a graphically enriched design, and created the banner image from scratch using Inkscape and Gimp.

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24/3/2011 - New meta description character counter

Try out this handy character counter »

Created to help you keep the meta descriptions for your web pages within the recommended limit, this counter will let you know if your description exceeds 150 characters.

23/3/2011 - Faraway Place silent auction posters

Faraway Place are having a benefit concert and silent auction!

As part of their campaign to help orphaned children in the Ukraine, Faraway Place are holding a benefit concert and silent auction, and asked for a new section to be added to their site with corresponding posters in A4 and A3 format.

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3/2/2011 - New custom illustrations for Chrysallis Counselling

We were asked to create some graphic elements to depict situations and concepts related to counselling and phsycotherapy, and transactional analysis in particular. These come together as a collection of images for the Chrysallis Counselling and Psychotherapy website.

Counselling and PsychotherapyCounselling and PsychotherapyTransactional AnalysisCounselling and Psychotherapy

24/1/2011 - Lingualista website has been launched

Lingualista is a freelance translation service for English and Spanish text to be adapted for a Swedish audience. The website is divided into three languages, each with six pages of content which can be updated or expanded from a user friendly admin section.

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30/12/2010 - Motivate! People Skills website has been launched

Motivate! People Skills offers fast paced, interactive training designed to inspire creativity and teamwork in the workplace.

Our aim was to reflect this with an unusual and eyecatching design, using a large background picture supplied by the client. This is a single page site with a liquid layout acheived through a combination of CSS and javascript, while the navigation has been animated using Mootools.

2/12/2010 - Cala Dor Villa website has been launched

This seven page website was made for a holiday villa in Spain. The design has been created largely in Inkscape, while a small amount of Mootools animation has been used to make information on the site more accessible. The site also includes a standard PHP mailform and an embedded Google map.

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12/11/2010 - Business card design for NTE Private Hire

We've designed these business cards in keeping with the NTE Private Hire website, featuring the skyline made in Inkscape, and modified photograph of Mr Enterkin's car.

Bespoke business card design »

3/11/2010 - Faraway Place has been launched

Faraway Place is a new charity in the United States dedicated to helping teenage orphans in the Ukraine, and in particular those with disabilities. They aim to build a transitional home and programme for these children and to assist them as they age out of the Ukraine's orphanages into adulthood.

They're offering you the opportunity to reach out to Ukrainian orphans by making donations on the site, or raising awareness in your church, school or community.

Please visit to learn more about the problems faced by teen orphans in an economy such as the Ukraine's, and what you can do to help!

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18/10/2010 - NTE Private Hire has been launched

This is a graphically enriched two page site with a PHP / javascript booking form. We created a hand-made Edinburgh skyline to achieve an atmospheric design suitable for a private hire business based here in Midlothian, as well as all the other graphics used in this site.

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14/8/2010 - New Art Page Now Live

Now you can see a selection of images on our new art page »

These are all non-digital images created with paints, ink and pencil. Our graphic design style is now very different, but these images represent our artwork outside a marketing context.

17/7/2010 - New MySpace Friendly Widget

This widget can be added your myspace or homepage and is available free upon request. The widget itself is created and maintained with the use of GD Library so that it doesn't violate myspace's stringent policies, while a small amount of basic XHTML and CSS are used to optimise it's appearance on the site.

This means that myspace friendly widgets are now available for all our customers, as well as interactive widgets which can be uploaded to sites which do not prohibit the use of scripts.

1/6/2010 - New Website Launched!

It's been a long time since our last redesign and our previous website was definitely falling behind the times. Our new site features lots of great new stuff all of which is available for upcoming projects, including mootools integration, AJAX implementations and graphics created in SVG. You'll find lots more information at your fingertips, and now you have the opportunity to browse our templates and buy our cost effective website packages.

26/4/2010 - Tangled Frog is now using Inkscape

SVG can be used to create great logos and icons, and once the form of an image is declared in an SVG file it can be scaled to any size without the loss of quality that would affect bitmap based graphics. The future of web graphics will be to use SVG to directly access image files through the code of your website, introducing a new element of interactivity to the internet.

23/4/2010 - BeautifulAromas.co.uk has been launched

Beautiful Aromas is a retailer of aromatherapy products in Fife. Another great project, it has many features the most notable of which are a PHP / MySQL shopping area visually enhanced with javascript and AJAX. The most challenging aspect of this project has been the various types of discounts and extra options (not all of which are live on the site at the moment) to be applied through the admin section both to individual products and across whole categories.

14/4/2010 - Now Offering Free Oscommerce Integration!

For a limited time we are offering free oscommerce integration and customisation as part of any upcoming projects. If you're looking for an online shop of any description please get in touch and if oscommerce is used then that part of your site will be implemented free of charge. This is not an indefinite offer and will only be available to the first few clients that choose to be included.

10/4/2010 - ChrysallisCounselling.co.uk has been launched

This website has been made for a psychotherapist setting up her own business in Edinburgh. She asked for a colourful butterfly theme, so her logo and site have been designed with this in mind. This site also features a 'send to a friend' pop-up page, a Facebook share button and Google maps integration.

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29/3/2010 - Richard Boa Photography has been launched

Richard Boa is an Edinburgh photographer who needed a website to expand his market. He specified a minimalist design and chose the layout and fonts used. This site includes four gallery pages enhanced with visual effects created with javascript, as well as a static hompage and a contact page with a standard PHP mailform.

24/3/2010 - Gordon's Private Hire has been launched

This has been a great project and we'd definitely recommend Gordon's Private Hire to anyone looking for transport in Midlothian. They are a recently formed family business with a friendly and flexible approach. Their website has been designed to convey this, along with a Scottish theme, and includes a 'refer a friend' pop-up, a PHP booking form and a PHP / MySQL hit counter.

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17/3/2010 - SiobhanWitter.com has been launched

While all the photos on this site were chosen and arranged by Siobhan Witter a number of them have been retouched by Tangled Frog, including background replacement in many cases. This site features an unusual XHTML / CSS concept and an animated banner made from scratch, currently in the form of an animated gif but to be replaced with flash over the coming months.

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