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Angus Munro Music

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  • Launched 28/11/13
  • Design and Layout
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Custom Social Networking Links

Angus Munro is a Scottish musician, born in London and based in Glasgow, who regularly plays live around the country. The website is a single page, commissioned to promote his music video, EP and tour dates.

Angus chose the fonts and colours which are based on his EP cover, and suggested a badge format for his social networking links after he'd seen a similar idea on the Hot Tin Roof website. To avoid too much similarity between them I designed a new badge layout, substantially different from Hot Tin Roof's, which was originally designed by Karl Montague.

The site also includes a simple PHP/MySQL admin area where tour dates can be updated, and old dates automatically removed from the home page.

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