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Faraway Place

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  • Launched 3/11/10
  • Logo Design
  • Design and Layout
  • Custom illustration
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Paypal Donations & Subscriptions
  • Youtube Video
  • Animated Banner
  • Animated Menu

This site was made for Faraway Place, a newly set-up Christian charity which aims to help teenage orphans in the Ukraine to successfully make the transition into adulthood.

The logo was designed from scratch using a combination of Inkscape and Gimp, and is based around their existing merchandise which includes skeleton keys and maps of the Ukraine on necklaces. This is used in combination with a rotating banner and an animated menu to make up the top portion of each page.

This site has twelve pages which include a standard contact form, a pop-up page for signing up for news and an embedded Youtube video, as well as three seperate payment areas with Paypal "donate" buttons for one-off payments, and a "subscribe" button for ongoing contributions.

It's most notable feature is an updateable brick wall which can be added to as more contributions are made towards the building of their new home. Each brick displays the name of the person who paid for it, and can be added, edited and deleted through a user-friendly admin section built with PHP and MySQL

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