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Budget Website Packages

Budget options are a great way to get your business online with a minimal amount of fuss and expense. These packages should serve as a rough guide only, as your site can always be altered to fit your budget or have extra features added at a small fee.

All our packages come with standard search engine optimisation, free updates for four months after the date of your final invoice and ongoing technical support.

Budget Website

This package has been designed for those who really can't afford a web site but to whom it is necessary to have some kind of online presence.

It's a single page site which can contain a standard mailform and as much text information as you're able to provide, but is restricted to a simple layout and a limited number of images.

one static page

unlimited text

up to 6 images

standard contact form

Basic Brochure Site

This entry level package has been designed for students, start-ups and small businesses looking for a respectable online presence on a budget.

Cost is kept down by implementing a simple design, and the size is limited to four pages. It includes a standard contact form and is intended as a point of contact for potential customers.

Great as a first web site which can stand alone or be expanded at a later date.

up to 4 pages

unlimited text

unlimited images

standard contact form

Shop Start-Up

This package has been tailored to individuals or small businesses who want to sell products online but don't need many of the features of an online shop.

Designed as a budget option it can have up to three static pages as well as one page of products or services which can be updated from a user-friendly admin section. Visitors have the option to buy individual products online and pay by Paypal.

up to 4 pages

updateable products page

user friendly admin section

paypal button

order history

standard contact form

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