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Large Scale Packages

These packages represent just a few examples of larger, more sophisticated websites with multi-level functionality and a wide range of interactive features.

All our packages come with standard search engine optimisation, free updates for four months after the date of your final invoice and ongoing technical support.

Membership Site with User Generated Content

This package is suited towards enterprises trying to attract members to make a contribution to their site. It is designed to give members limited control over certain areas of the site while you have full control of all uploaded content and member accounts through an administration area.

It includes an unlimited number of dynamically created pages as well as a registration area with automated email confirmation and a members' area where account information can be updated and files can be uploaded.

advanced admin section

registration area with email verification

full control of uploaded content

log in area for members

full control of member accounts

image and mp3 uploads

mp3 players and image galleries

unlimited dynamically created pages

User Generated Gallery Site

This package has been tailored to organisations who want to display large quanities of images contributed by site members.

It includes a registration area with automated email confirmation and a members' area where images can be uploaded to the site, to be automatically watermarked and modified if necessary.

As well as an unlimited number of gallery pages with visual effects, this package also comes with an easy to use admin section where you have full control over all member accounts and updateable areas of the site .

up to 25 static pages

members' area with log-in

unlimited gallery pages

image uploads

registration area with email verification

on-site image manipulation

animated image galleries

on-site watermarking

full control of uploaded content

full control of member accounts

E-Commerce Website with Customer Log-In

This package has been designed to provide everything your business needs to trade online. In addition to up an unlimited number of product pages, it includes a dynamic homepage, a registration area with automated email verification and a log in area for members.

All products, products pages and member accounts can be fully controlled from an advanced admin section, and discounts and special offers applied where appropriate. This site also comes with a payment gateway so that all transactions can be fully automated and customers can be redirected back to your site after making a purchase.

registration area

dynamic homepage

members area with log in

unlimited product pages

shopping cart

advanced admin section

payment gateway

discounts and special offers

dynamic order form

order history

Multi-Level Appointment System

This package is ideal for any business that needs to keep an appointment schedule and client history online, with varying levels of access for site members, staff and administration.

Appointments can be created and cancelled from the client area, while staff have the facilities to create, edit and cancel appointments in their own schedule but not on behalf of other staff members, as well as having access to view the client history.

From the admin section you have full control over staff accounts and services available as well as all clients accounts and site memberships. Opening hours can also be changed, along with the days and times for which clients can book appointments on the site.

When an appointment is made a list of services is displayed, along with the staff members who can perform the selected service and the days that are available, each of which are divided into timeslots representing potential arrival times. When the appointment is confirmed the necessary number of timeslots are allocated depending on the duration of the service chosen, and the relevant member of staff is no longer made available for appointments at those times.

Appointments can also be migrated to the client history area, where any extra details can be added and saved permanently, while a custom built search algorithm has been included to allow easy access to client accounts and histories when searching by name.

advanced admin section

Staff area with log in

full control of appointments

members' area with log-in

full control of availability

registration area with email verification

full control of member accounts

automated email notifications

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